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Love hate relationships,. Are the cream and butter of the past few years, specially in this delightful little scene out here in Sealand. Broken transistors!!! That what I was reminded off… A loop of the same. Yes you will rise. But the loop will be the same. In my obscure recesses I found that sometimes, just sometimes. The right choices can be made.

It was at this point of the night. So,. Under the spell…The spell of later. This moment became the Real start of the evening… And then,so… Not so vague and hidden. The fire burnt almost every ounce of hope left for the dead ideas. ::Mistakes were made, but in the end… We are all machines of our own desire… To just reset… So it was at this point, and with that spirit that I went on with the night, because, this fire burnt the lame..

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